item 1

The Handicapped Veterans Association and interested Veteran Service Organizations enter a well-defined and limited association for the purpose of:

  • Developing community for Handicapped Veterans.
  • Solving health care problems.

item 2

Parties agree to adhere to posted Terms of Use and to refrain from actions that would reflect badly on the other.

item 3

Cost to Affiliate is $2/quarter for database maintenance.

item 4

HVA will underwrite the project, maintain and update the website currently online at, and add sites for other States as time and funds allow.

item 5.

Affiliate will appoint one or more part time Moderators from their organization to screen timeline comments for indications of suicidal tendencies and requests for advocacy.

     item 5a

For the purpose of this and other HVA business, part time is defined as 16 or more hours/week.

     item 5b

Moderator will refer members that appear to have suicidal tendencies to the VA Crisis center or nearest recognized Practitioner, and follow through to assure the contact is made.

     ITEM 5c

Affiliates and  Moderators are not authorized by HVA to ‘talk someone off the ledge.’

It is important for those of us who are not qualified to: Listen, stabilize, calm, reassure and turn the individual over to someone that is qualified as quickly as possible.

If, however, the present Moderator is qualified, please proceed as you deem best in the situation.


HIPPA compliant HVA administered surveys collect information that cannot be obtained under other circumstances.

Members are encouraged to vote in polls and voice their experiences in a private forum free from real or perceived bias. The result is an invaluable management tool designed for VA Clinic use.

Item 7

The HVA platform provides a safe place for members to:

  • Vent
  • Give providers an atta-boy.
  • Document denied or inadequate treatment and malpractice.
  • Collaborate with others from the same Clinic.
  • Request a review of care.

ITEM 8 advocacy

When a Member believes his situation warrants
consideration, he/she may request a review under the Member Initiated Reporting Process (MIRP) by posting comment titled MIRP on the timeline.

Timeline Moderators review complaints and search forum archives for possible collaborating comments of other members, interviews all parties involved as necessary and when possible. When the case is prepared it is turned over to the HVA Patient Rep who will open a conversation with the VA Clinic Patient Rep. to discuss the matter, within HIPPA.

If the problem is resolved at that level we will have succeeded.

If the problem is not resolved, Moderator will update the case and forward it to the MIRP Board (elected from among all Moderators).

The Board will review the complaint, restate, add documentation when necessary and forward it to the Clinic Director with a request to meet and discuss the matter.  If the problem is resolved at that level it will be closed. If not, the case will be forwarded to the State Commissioner who will be responsible to appeal the matter up the chain of command to our Commander in Chief while adhering to established protocol.