HVA shares management with affiliates*

The Handicapped Veterans Association and interested Veteran Service Organizations enter a well-defined and limited association for the purpose of:

  • Developing Community
  • Addressing Veteran Suicide
  • Solving Healthcare Problems

Parties agree to adhere to posted Terms of Use.

Cost to Affiliate is $2 per quarter for database maintenance.

1. Elect a representative to a seat on the Board of Directors.

2. Promote community by posting up to 4 meetings/month on HVA’s Meetup.com account.

3. Appoint part time Moderators to screen timeline comments for indications of suicidal tendencies and Review of Care (ROC) requests.

a) Refer Members that appear to have suicidal tendencies to the VA Crisis center. Follow through to assure the contact is made.
b) Review timeline requests for ROC and gain case info by private messaging member, then forwards supplemented request to MIRP.

Untrained and unqualified Affiliates and Moderators are not authorized by HVA to ‘talk someone off the ledge.’

1. Underwrites the project, maintains the websites currently online and adds sites for other States as the project matures
2. Maintains shared Meetup.com account
3. Administers third party surveys
4. Provides patient advocacy

HVA is a Third Party Survey Provider. “Organizations that are independent from the project they are evaluating. This allows them to conduct their evaluation without bias or influence.”

HVA administered surveys are HIPPA compliant and collect member information that can’t be obtained under other circumstances.

Members request a Review of Care under the Member Initiated Reporting Process by posting a comment titled ‘MIRP Request’ on the timeline and describing the concern in their VA Clinic’s forum.

Timeline Moderators review requests, search forum archives for collaborating evidence and interview the reporting party by messenger.

If the case has substance, Moderator will open a conversation with the VA Clinic’s Patient Rep. If the problem is resolved at that level, we will have succeeded.

If the problem is not resolved at that level, Moderator will complete documentation, assign a case number and forward it to the MIRP Board (elected from among Moderators).

The Board will review the complaint, assign a case number and forward a copy to the Clinic Director with a meeting request.

If the problem is resolved at that level, it will be closed. If not, the case will be forwarded to the HVA State Commissioner who will be responsible to appeal the matter up the chain of command to our Commander in Chief.