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Pardon our dust as we make final changes and add features and functions.


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Member based social site @ HVASocial.org

No Ads or Algorithms


Visit us on Meetup.com  for dates/venues

Too far? Suggest a venue near you.


HVA is a Third Party Survey Provider.¹

Members relate their VA Clinic experiences through polls and  forums. HIPPA compliant

¹”Organizations that are independent from the project they are evaluating. This allows them to conduct their evaluation without bias or influence from the design team, owners or managers.”







  • Visit and Chat Online on our Private ‘Members Only’ Timeline
  • Attend Local and Regional in person Meetups
  • Discover regional Veterans Service Organizations in our directory
  • Learn, Ask Questions and Share in our Therapy Blogs and Groups
  • Vote in Their Clinic’s “How Was Your Day at the VA?” Poll
  • Give an ‘atta-boy’ to Deserving Caregivers and Clinic
  • Discuss Clinic Practices with Other Members of the Same Clinic
  • Enter an informal complaint
  • Request advocacy



Those who join during our review period will be recognized as Founding Members and receive a printable document thanking them for their involvement when the final site is launched. Those eligible for full membership will be offered an upgrade at $2/quarter for data base maintenance.