we have your back.

you have a voice


  • Meet others who are treated at the same Clinic
  • Chat on the timeline and by private message
  • Vote in the Clinic’s ‘How was your day at the VA?’ poll
  • Send an Atta-Boy to a Caregiver or the Clinic
  • Share and discuss treatment and/or administrative concerns

let it be heard

When a concern is so grievous or common as to suggest that action may be necessary, the member may request a review under the Member Initiated Reporting Process (MIRP) by post in the Clinic’s forum

a call to action

Forum observers (appointed by Associated VSOs from their membership) review concerns, discuss and ask questions within the current conversation, and check the Clinic’s archives to see if the problem is recurring.

The observer will then develop the case and forward it to the MIRP Board who will determine what, if any action to take.

Actions may vary from a call to the Clinic’s Patient Rep to going up the chain of command to our Commander in Chief.