hva is a 501(C) Non Profit Veterans Service Organization with a twofold mission
Strong communities are critical to operations because they provide an important source of social connection and a sense of belonging.
  • Military Veterans with a VA disability rating of 30% or more
  • VA Clinics
  • Affiliated Veteran Service Organizations

Each Stakeholder elects a voting member to the Board of Directors.

2. helping solve healthcare problems

HVA is a Third Party Survey Provider

  • High Level of General Capability in Representing a Large Population. …
  • Little or No Observer Subjectivity. ..
  • Convenient Data Gathering. …
  • Good Statistical Significance. …
  • Low Costs. …
  • Precise Results
How does the Handicapped Veterans Association demonstrate ‘No Observer Subjectivity’?
We share management with our VA and VSO partners. both groups elect a member to a seat on the HVA Board of Directors.